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BETON's Booth at Future Concrete Qatar 2014 Conference at Grand Hyatt Hotel

 Future Concrete Qatar ’14 Conference held on December 2nd  at Grand Hayatt Hotel.


This conference has been organized by Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) and it gives the construction companies the chance to meet and exchange various experiences and new developments in concrete technology.


·         The conference tackled the following topics:


·         Structural Health Monitoring


·         Responsibility in concrete construction for infrastructure and governmental projects


·         Innovative practices in repair, evaluation and protection of structures


·         Concrete quality in Fast Track Projects: How can quality survive with speed and size?


·         Intelligent use of construction materials in Large-Scale Projects


·         Lessons Learned from Railway Construction Projects in the Middle East



BETON being one of the Partners of Future Concrete Conference was given a chance to invite their clients.