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Congratulations to Beton for adding ASTRA Trucks in their Fleet

Beton, a market leader in concrete ready-mix operations,has recently acquired new ASTRA trucks mounted with 10cbm Liebherr transit mixer tanks as part of the leet expansion move of the company.
The present leet of 90 trucks is earmarked for a phased enlargement plan to serve the increasing demand from the local market for ready mix concrete. “Our past experience with ASTRA trucks has proven to be excellent in terms of performance and ease of maintenance. This gives us conconfidence that these new trucks will assist us in our desire to consistently deliver top quality service and products to our customers,” said Beton managing director Robert Tarazi. “ASTRA Truck continues to be the leader in terms of Heavy Duty chasis ,performance and suited for tough middleastern conditions. Customer satisfaction has always been the Priority for QFAB . QFAB the authorized dealer for
ASTRA Trucks and Liebherr Transit Mixer in Qatar. QFAB has a stronger presence in the construction equipment market with the world known brands in their portfolio and best facility to support the product.