Company Profile

Trade Name : BETON W.L.L.
Type of Organization : Limited Liability Company
Date of Incorporation : 02 July 2002
Capital : QR. 2,500,000.00
Commercial Registration : 24787

BETON W.L.L. is the Qatari-based company of LIBAN BETON, its mother company that was founded in Lebanon in 1995. The successful experience of LIBAN BETON in the field of ready mix concrete led to its expansion in Qatar, whereby it undertook two major projects in Messaied and Doha.

The Messaied operation was carried out in 1999 in the Industrial Area for Q-Chem, under the supervision of Kellogg, Brown & Root. Up to 80 MPA of high-performance concrete was produced.

The Doha operation started in June 2000 with the supply of ready mix concrete to the Four Seasons West Bay Complex Hotel in Doha. The project comprised five towers, including an office tower with a total height of 150 meters. This contract of 115,000 m3 consolidated the reputation of BETON in the local market.

Since the complete transfer of its technology to Qatar in the year 2000, BETON has catered for major construction projects, supplying ready-mix concrete from its three production sites in and around Doha.

BETON is also specialized in setting dedicated on-site batching facilities when the project's size and location calls for it.

BETON is currently operating under the Industrial License issued by Ministerial Decree No. 966/02 to produce ready mix concrete.